Rental Terms

Rental Terms & Conditions

Drivers Age: 

Minimum 23 years old for cars groups A , B , C, G and 25 years old for all the other groups

Driver’s license: 

International or national held at least one year.

Rental time – Kilometers: 

Minimum one day (24 hours). Free kilometres for all the rental period

Traffic fines: 

All traffic fines and expenses incurred during the rental period, are at the renter’s responsibility.


Paid by the customer. Unleaded is to be used only.


Local tax – Vat 24% is additional on all rates.


Car models are according to original planning. Delivery problems, however , may compel us to supply another vehicle in exceptional cases.

Ferrying of the car:

The advance written authorization of our offices is required by any renter wishing to ferry the car to and from an island.


  • Pets – smoking – food consumption are not allowed in the vehicle ( Penalties charged ,up to 150 euros for each of the above)
  • Key loss is charged up to 150 euros.
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